Savior and Lord Pt 2

Last week we talked about the incredible and indescribable saving grace of God. I had made mention that I was basing our discussion on the phrase, “Many people love Jesus as their Savior but do not like Him as their LORD.” In most parts of our lives today this statement can be true.

The best possible example I can give to depict what God wants to do for us as LORD; is a common experience every young child has. I can remember as a kid going to Walmart with my mother. My mom, whom is the greatest woman on this planet, would go to Walmart with my sister and I to do the grocery shopping for the week. She regretted taking us every time because of our never ending questions and ever hyper personalities.

The first thing we would do is go to the deli and she would buy us popcorn chicken to hopefully silence our desperate pleas to buy everything in the store. It might have helped for a little while but the popcorn chicken didn’t last the whole shopping trip. So by the end of our Walmart adventure my mother would calmly and patiently have to tell us to behave every 3-4 seconds.

You see, growing up, and even still to this day, it is extremely hard for me to have a full stomach. I eat too much, and my hunger is rarely quenched. But even more as a child than now, one desire that could never be quenched was a nice, tasty, chocolatey, nutty, Snickers bar. If I saw a Snickers my mouth would begin to water at the sound of the rapper crinkling. When I was 10 or 11 I promised myself when I became an adult that I would have an endless supply of snickers, and eat them all the day long, as I so desired.

The problem with my hankering for Snickers (and many other delicious items Walmart places at the check out isle) is I began to become a very pudgy child. I enjoyed eating too much and I was an overweight little lad. My mother out of her care and consideration of the fact I was overweight began to try and discipline myself from eating so terribly and so much, all the time.

As we would leave from the grocery section of Walmart and begin our descent to the checkout isle I would be thinking of ways I could ask my caring and loving mother to purchase myself a Snickers bar. I thought of several, but the best way I knew I could attempt to take advantage of her was by asking, “Am I worth a dollar to you mom?” And without thinking of my devious intentions she would say, “Yes, son you are worth more than a dollar.” So then I would ask, “If I am worth more than a dollar to you can I have a Snickers?”

Now, do not get the wrong idea about my mother, she is as sweet as anyone but she also has quite the strong backbone. And her concern over my weight gain was something she felt strongly about, as should any loving mother. There would be times that my mom would say a hard, cold, unfortunate “no.” As much as I hated to hear that I now understand why she would tell me “no” often times.

You see my mom saw something that I did not see as a child, she was trying to prevent anything bad from happening to her beloved son. The spiritual application is simple. God might have told you no, or hasn’t given you an answer today. I encourage you to simply be still and know that God has the best knowledge of any outcome. He knows far greater and far much more of what would benefit His children than what we think we might know. One of the most impacting scriptures I have come to know on this subject is Matthew 7:11 which states, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” He is our LORD and He knows what’s best for us. I encourage you to submit to Him in all of your ways and acknowledge Him as LORD over your life, and I can promise with everything in me; He will direct your path.

Much Love from me to you,

Pastor Colton Pemberton

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